Promitor - State of the Planet #15

Hello Promitor!

Late again this week.

This week was fairly uneventful - which is worrying. Some form of storm must be brewing on the horizon.


We lost some more settlers, techs, and engineers. I expected this as the Art gallery had not kicked in this reporting period.


It seems our slaves are demanding more comforts. I’ve commissioned a few shiploads of MCG from FO-705c so they can harden up a little.

Our Art Gallery has opened with a breath-taking ceremony - quite literally. I’d left @Slomes in charge of dimming the lights, but he vented the atmosphere from the Art Gallery auditorium instead. We lost around 600 settlers due to this.


Once we’d retrieved the atmosphere, people were allowed back in to view our masterpiece artwork prepared by the magnificent @McGangsta, titled, “Prdgi, leader of Promitor”.



We finished construction of the Art Gallery 1 and Wildlife Park 2.


I’ve received a dividend payment of 529,410 ICA. I’ve needed to issue a 500,000 ICA loan to GIFT in order to cover upkeep expenses. I will definitely need to increase tax rates.

Over the next couple days, I will do the math on it. I want to achieve roughly equal percentage tax rates on the various categories. I expect that I will aim for 1.5% to 1.8% of expected sale value as the tax rate for each category. Brainfarts, pioneers are the bulk of our industry and are living perfectly fine on the current tax rates. I’ll review the current tax rates when I’m less tired :smiley:. Thanks to @xplor for pointing this out.