Promitor - State of the Planet #13

Good evening, Promitor!

Its me - your favourite current governor of Promitor!

We’ve succeeded in making our pioneers and settlers stay on Promitor. There’s a bit to be said about making the other planets appear worse than Promitor. Our internal propaganda machine really pulled out some winners to pull this off: “Montemutts want to eat your babies” and “Katoads carry warts”.



Only technicians left this week. (The engineers were both spies from Berthier, who were recycled.

Happiness is fairly stable across the board. It’s important to note that there was no effect felt from the Wildlife Park. Hopefully that should keep our technicians and engineers stable.

We also gained 12,400 pioneers from 62 new colonies.


I finished building the Wildlife Park this week.


I received a dividend of 556,280 ICA this week. I also paid a heap of infrastructure upkeep.


Our current infrastructure focus is on achieving the following facility levels listed in order of importance:

Art Gallery - level 1
Library - level 1
Hospital - level 1
Security Drone Post - level 2