Promitor - State of the Planet #12

Good morning, Promitor!

This week we held our breathe awaiting the removal of the happiness bonus. Fortunately, our pioneer’s happiness has not dipped below 50%. Unfortunately, everyone else did.

This week’s primary goal is to begin raising settlers, technicians, and engineers back above 50% happiness.


Overall, our population shrank a little. I don’t feel this is a terrible thing - we’ve built up a decent buffer of unemployed in order to allow us time to recover the happiness.


We didn’t build any new infrastructure this week. Safety Station was kept at 100% upkeep and contributed 60% of the total safety generated.

I’ve built my own UPF on Berthier in order to provide the HAB we require to finish off the Wildlife Park. My current cost to produce HAB in materials and consumables is 65k. Once other factors are accounted for, I believe that I’ll be selling them off for around 100k.


I loaded up the SST with enough supplies to last a while. The INF got some OFF love as well.

Infrastructure Projects

Our current infrastructure focus is on achieving the following facility levels listed in order of importance:

Wildlife Park - level 1
Art Gallery - level 1
Library - level 1
Hospital - level 1
Security Drone Post - level 2


If you are able to supply the following materials in the correct quantity, please let me know in the comments.

Security Drone Post

  • POW : 5 units per day
  • RAD: 10 units per week
  • CCD: 1 unit per week
  • SUD: 1 unit per week


  • TUB: 40 units per week
  • STR: 40 units per week

Wildlife Park

  • FOD: 30 units per day
  • FER: 10 units per day
  • SOI: 50 units per week
  • DEC: 5 units per week
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