Promitor - State of the Planet #11

My fellow Promitorians,

I’m going to start this off with a quote from InspiroBot:


It can only be tangentially applied to Promitor, yet its mere presence adds an aura of mystique and legitimacy to my governorship. Almost like I’m some wise sage with infinite view of the future - Promitor’s future. Hopefully it distracts you from watching me run around with my hair on fire trying to catch the mice in our barns.


Obviously there isn’t much to do in the PrUniverse. This is made self-evident by the incredible growth we have had in our population - 148,078 people. We even got an engineer!

In total, we now have 659,154 people which is more than the Solomon Islands!

Our pioneers achieved 100% happiness this week. Its amazing the success you can have when you take all your problems from Promitor and push them over to Katoa.

There’s not enough jobs for all our population so they’ve put all their efforts into making more population.


We didn’t get to build anything this week. There are a lot of supply chains that are still being developed so its hard to come by those resources.

Our Safety Station maintained 100% upkeep for the duration of the week and contributed 59% of our total safety production. 41% of our safety production came from habitation buildings.


I received a dividend payment of 506,500 ICA this week.

COGC upkeep was worth 208k ICA for DW, RAT, and MCG. PE was generously donated by PrAdam.

Infrastructure Projects

Our current infrastructure focus is on achieving the following facility levels listed in order of importance:

Security Drone Post - level 2
Hospital - level 1
Wildlife Park - level 1
Art Gallery - level 1
Library - level 1


A lot of materials necessary to upgrade and upkeep our current infrastructure projects are not available on the market. If you are able to produce these materials, please respond in this thread with a price.


Our? goal… gallery and library? Why not say GDP goal is to use promitorian taxes to supply GDP infrastructure? =)