Promitor GIFT Leadership Vacancy

Hi guys!

Thanks for entrusting me with governorship of Promitor with a mandate to raise taxes in preparation for populous. I’m truly grateful to have been given this opportunity to manage public funds.

Unfortunately, due to real-life commitments I feel than I am unable to to provide the time required for this position.This role has begun to feel like a chore as I have needed to actively make time to complete required reporting.

Whilst I may be unable to fulfil the requirements, the goals of GIFT remain clear - prepare for a smooth transition into populous.

To this end, I am seeking to appoint a successor to GIFT. If you are interested in taking on this role, please respond with your application below. I will choose a number of viable candidates and hold a public poll to select the new leader of this initiative. Once the successful candidate has joined GIFT, I will leave GIFT and return to GDP.

The successful applicant must be trusted by the community. The current saved balance of public funds is around 3,200,000 ICA. Any saved funds will be transferred to the successful applicant.

Position Requirements:

  1. The successful applicant must join GIFT

  2. The successful applicant must follow GIFT goals:
    a) use public funds to smooth Promitor’s transition to post-populous
    b) provide complete transparency with funds gained

  3. The successful applicant must be trusted by the community.

Application Requirements

  1. Include your company name in the application text
  2. Include a reason for seeking this position
  3. Include a corporation history. What Corporations have you been involved with?
  4. Include the phrase “I read the reqcuirements, Prdgi.” in your application. This phrase must not be on its own line, and must be in a paragraph. It shall not be the first, or last sentence in the paragraph.
  5. Include an overview of any large-scale community projects in which you have participated.
  6. Include the amount of time which you have been actively playing PrUn.
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I wonder if we can perhaps work out a way that its less time consuming. I for one appreciate the transparency in the labour/time intensive way you’ve gone forward with so far, but considering no one actually audits it… Might we be better accepting the reality of the situation and not needing it or so often? I for one would trust you to do your job without the incredibly labour intensive transparency required. I’d also be fully supportive of saying this is a huge administrative job even without such requirements; a wage or small cut should be considered.

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A wage or cut is an interesting idea. I’d be OK with something like this (speaking as a voter & tax-payer on Prom).

@Prdgi will have to tell you the full details, but I think the transparency isn’t the time consuming part, its just tracking the funds at all. If he wants to know how much he’s collecting vs how much he’s expending, I’m not sure there’s a much faster way to do it.

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My plan to reduce this for Apoth (if it had happened) was to mainly run personal affairs in NCC rather than ICA but that’s because that’s how my business was set up before. This would’ve enabled me at a pinch to just say “I got about 250k ICA and spent about 200k ICA, all the upkeep was met. There’s about 50k in savings”. Considering the mammoth task with current tools i’m increasingly open to not needing every penny counted. As long as upkeep is utilized and there aren’t any major holes being left I’m not concerned about trusted figures in this community keeping or even losing 100 credits here and there.

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My name is Charles and I’d like to be considered for the position of
trustee of the GIFT corporation. I’ve been playing since 15
December 2018. I COLIQ’ed in September of 2019 to start my current
company, Echo Heavy Industries, LTD. I started over because I’d had
enough of the mines of Montem and decided to start fresh on Promitor.
I never looked back.

During my time on PRUN, I’ve participated in a couple of corporations.
I was in PTU for a while and I’ve been in GDP since April of this
year. I’ve been involved in a couple of large community projects. On
Etherwind, I’m a member of a collective that produces large quantities
of drinking water. On Ironforge, the GDP is running a project to
lower the price of BSE on the market. I think if you take a look at
the BSE price trend recently, you might think it is working.

I would like to take on this great responsibility because I truly
believe this is the best way to run a large planet like Promitor given
the requirements of the Populous release. I believe that through our
collective effort, we can provide a fertile beginning planet for
newbs, a strong home base for advanced players, and the dominant
market in the universe. I was inspired by the leadership of Prdgi to
get this concept off the ground and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let
it die on my watch.

If there is any doubt about my sincerity in this application, I’m
going to do something that pains me greatly. I’m going to include a
misspelled word in a public document. I have to say, “I read the
reqcuirements [sic], Prdgi.” Wow, that hurt more than I thought it

If you have any questions for me, ping me here, in-game, or on one of
the various PRUN Discords.


Firu, CEO of Firu Industries

Firu’s goals as governor of Promitor fall into two categories: specific and broad.

Specific Goals

  1. To ensure that planetary projects are supported.
  2. To transition Promitor smoothly into future updates; including Populous.
  3. To further cement Promitor’s position as the agricultural center of the universe.

Broad Goals

  1. To spark economic advancement into new commodities.
  2. To create an interesting and distinct culture on Promitor.
  3. To add a level of positive excitement to the universe-wide community.

Firu and Firu Industries have recently founded their first corporation - the Society of Advancement. This corporation was only founded to serve as a foundation for Firu’s campaign for governor in the upcoming election. Firu has never belonged to another corporation and identifies as an independent company.

Given a month of active playtime, Firu has not yet participated in any large-scale projects. However, he feels confident in doing so as he is keen to seek advice from more experience players in the game. A tactic which they have utilized so far to increase his knowledge and enjoyment of PrUn.

Firu enjoys drinking wild ales and sour beers. They included the phrase “I read the reqcuirements, Prdgi", typo and all. They hope Prdgi reads the misspelling and chuckles.


I accept both applications, and will create a poll to determine who the community thinks should be my successor. This job application is now closed.