Prom Market Opportunity Analysis

I did a thing.

First, thank you to the nice people on the discord who linked me to the Master Base Planner v1.6a (Ignition).

This spreadsheet is an analysis of all Pioneer and Settler Recipes, using the default Return on Investment (ROI) data from the Master Base Planner (MBP). Once I had all that data, I then went to every good on the Prom CX and copied the volume traded because goods with no volume aren’t going to sell in a reasonable amount of time.

I then wanted to find those goods which have a good ROI and a (hopefully) healthy market, so I would actually make the profit back in a reasonable amount of time. Since we want a small ROI and a large volume, and divided the two and sorted that. However, even that wasn’t enough to find what I wanted (take a look at Office supplies to see what I mean). After sorting by this new metric – Volume/ROI – I then went thru the list and checked if the market currently appears healthy and color coded the results.

My goal with distributing this information is two fold:

  1. To get input into my decision making process, to make sure I’m measuring what I want to measure.

  2. To help improve the range of goods with healthy CX markets.


  1. Get a better understanding of what the MBP prices represent.
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Very interesting!

Did you also check input availability? It looks to me like certain inputs could be more or less available (example would be SEA where SI marker is shallow and there used to have little to no S)

Also, might be better to ignore items with t3+ inputs if you only aim at pio/set? Stuff like UPF need a complex chain of inputs, most of which are unavailable

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Input Availability is not explicit, but instead needs to also be checked. Because I’m sticking to simple things, if something needs a item without a healthy market one should be able to make that as well.

I would not recommend using this sheet find the first item with a healthy market, and then set up a base producing only that item with the assumption you will be able to get all the items needed for it off the market. This would run into the same problem trying to dump office supplies onto the market would.

The whole tier system is something I’ve seen hinted at in sheets, but not explicitly explained in the game. Luckily, all the UPF items seem to have no market, so in this scenario that is unlikely to be a problem.