Project WR - Another Star in GDP's Banner

Congratulations to @Bartorex, @Humant, @Gpetersen, @Name_Dunno, and @Sharlindra on the successful completion of GDP’s Project WR. Whilst they have received the support of the entire GDP team, they are, by far, the greatest contributors to this project.

Project WR is the brain-child of Bartorex who first floated the idea to other GDP members a few months ago. Initially, Project WR aimed to rely on the facility demolition function in order to save some of the cost of building the expensive facilities. As time has passed, it has become clear that this method was not entirely needed. GDP retains the capability to produce a WR each week.

Yesterday, GDP completed construction of the first WR this galaxy has seen. Worth a staggering 4,200,000 each to the Market Maker, our batch of 5 (1 finished, 4 in construction) WR represent 4% of the galactic economy.

Rather than simply making the sale, we are coordinating with the development team to find a solution which will not break the economy.

I am incredibly proud of these players and their outstanding achievement. Their coordination, teamwork, organisation, and leadership is beyond reproach.

Keep your eyes peeled for future GDP projects.


Congrats all on your achievement. :smiley:

and i’m impressed at your maturity of holding back on sepending the :dollar::dollar: