Product sold at exchange but I have not made any CIS from sale

Hi Dev’s
I’m very sure I had an amount (I think 200) of C at the Benten Commodity Exchange listed at 340 CIS each. They’ve now disappeared and I’ve not made any CIS or had a notification of sale. I made this listing a few months back and when viewing the “price chart” (at 16:00 GMT 30/04/22) I can see that something was sold at 340 CIS.

I think I’ve had this happen to me once before but at that time I thought I was miss remembering things, so I let it go then. However I believe this has happened to me for a second time now so I’m not willing to put it down to miss remembering something again as 68,000 CIS is a little too much for me to just write off again.

Was it this order?

Hi Molp,

Thanks for getting back to me,

No this is not the sale that I was talking about.

The one I’m thinking about I posted several months back on the exchange. C on the Benten exchange was near market maker price up and till recently and this post I believe I left at 340 CIS each would have been posted before that crash happened. I know what you’re probably thinking and “YES I left 200 C at 340 CIS each while the price was at rock bottom”. I was waiting for when prices recovered to get a decent return as at the time I was covering my overheads and did not need to sell low for money.

I’m like 90% sure I had 200 C at 340 CIS each, I know I had further lots of 200 C at 300 CIS, 280 CIS and 260 CIS which I have been paid for when they sold on the Benten exchange. I later had trouble as I had the maximum number of separate trades on the exchange so was selling for cheap to allow me the following week to post a new trade. Which is one of the reasons that I’m sure about having this posted.

The other reason is to do with the time and date listed in my first post, It is not the time of the missing exchange but when I view the exchange and saw something a little earlier had sold at 340 CIS each (within the last 24, if not 12 hours). And I’m very sure that was mine but I did not get paid for it.

Sorry for the paragraphs of text, I wanted to share my reasoning for everything with you.