Price Calculations

I’ve worked out some calculations for people that are interested, and feel free to add your own to help other players work out what they should be selling at.

So at Market Maker prices it costs 7.4/pioneer without luxuries or 740/100 pioneers.

Two hydrogen collectors on Benten-C produce 18 Hydrogen/day.
Daily costs: 740
740/18= 41 per Hydrogen unit.(MM prices are to low to break even, let alone make a profit)

Shipping costs:
Bentan-C to Katona(Round trip)
174 STL fuel
STL fuel price is: 10/STL
1740 per trip.
Katona to Promitor(round trip)
182 STL fuel @ 10/STL
58 FF fuel @ 130/FF

Basic fuel refinery setup on Kat(1 collector, 1 extractor, 1 refinery)
170 pioneers(no settlers)
Daily costs(MM prices)
1258/day to run a refinery or 3.1/STL fuel(no hydrogen @ 400/STL/day, it becomes 2.0, if 600/STL/day is produced.
With hydrogen(because you’re going to have to buy hydrogen) @
200/unit: 9.1/STL(400/day) or 8.1/STL(600/day)
100/unit: 6.1/STL(400) or 5.1/STL(600)
75/unit: 5.4/STL(400) or 4.3/STL(600)
50/unit: 4.645/STL(400) or 3.6/STL(600)

If anyone wants me to work out more calculations just say the word.