Price Bands – development log #191

In today’s devlog, we give you a first look into how price bands will work, and how the Local Markets have been doing since Locality went live.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

Price bands seem like a great idea to curb possible multiple account exploits. Would commodities with no 3 day history just not have any limitations?

Also why dont you just create a “Prepackaged Base” Item that can be used instead of the materials to build the first buildings, and make it not trade-able.

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Commodities with no 3-day average, but that had price before that period will have price bands according to the last price. If no price exists a predefined values will be uses.

In one of the early alphas every building has been pre-packaged. It didn’t work out very well. Making certain items non-tradeable in some cases will mess up with our technical representation of items and we consider that a last resort.

As a quick idea maybe as solution to the “sell base-stuff” problem:

  • a CM can be built as before
  • a CM1 can be built with a single CMM (CM-Material) ressource
  • each player is only allowed to have one CM1 (your HQ)

need to change:

  • new CMM-ressource
  • new building CM1, prerequisites: CMM, only one CM1

By this one could trade the CMM, but it would be worthless. Also, no material would need to be “non-tradeable”. Maybe the “only one building per user” is needed anyways for something different?


I might not be understanding this correctly, but I have been involved in a few trades where the materials were passed much cheaper than market value. I have asked other players to make stuff for me, but I supply a part of the mats and sold those mats much cheaper than market value so I was able to afford the finished product.

We basically used the LM as a private trade window between two parties, and think that functionality should be in the game.

I also, like to use the LM to bypass the .01 snipers. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to choose which order (on the public CX) one would like to buy/sell from/to even if it was at a higher/lower price.

Local Markets will remain the way they are, price bands apply to Commodity Exchanges only! Plus, the price band for Pro users is still very broad (+/- 75 %).