Price band problems

Corporations giving between members is really screwing with the price bands. For instance: !image

Which makes it really hard for AL makers to sell it on the market.

Another one is Power Tools which max price is 50.


Remove the price bands?

Why and when did they get added anyway?

The issue also happens when selling to MM.
It brings the price down to just the MM eventually. :frowning:

I no longer see a use for price bands. The CMs that we start with are now a kit and the other starting materials have MMs forming price bands, so there’s no possibility for COLIQ abuse. It would also remove an artificial limitation on trade on the CX.

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I agree with that! The band prices should be more realistic in terms of inputs associated, time to produce and relevance in the planets development.

I’m against price bands on the merit that it’s just another system to get in the way of the free market promise of the game. That being said, I understand why they exist up to maybe a week or two into the game. Beyond that, they’re really not necessary, especially not on products you can only get from production involving multiple industries.