Preventing Pirates - Development Log #370

Fabian discusses the brand new “building repair assistant” and Michi tackles some issues based on your feedback.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

First type of contract where an item is supplied and to be delivered. Doesnt that just appear as a shipment item? cant you just make them of no value and non tradable? Could be a few simple adjustments to sort out the pirating issue. Cheers

To me it seems highly realistic that the value of the items shipped will be much more than the contract payment. The problem isn’t that the reward for piracy is too high, the problem is that there are still no adverse consequences for it.

I hope that in future, if piracy is ever added to the game in a serious way, the items in the contract will be bumped back up again, so that a new player can steal from a faction… once, and then be banned from that faction’s CX and planets as a consequence. Or suffer some other appropriate sanction.

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BRA - Love it!

On one hand, it’s a solved feature within FIO, but on the other, but I’m really glad to see it merged into the base game. Additionally, you guys found a way to expand its functionality even further (one-click repairing). Love to see things like this.