Prdgi needs a vacation! #voteFIRU

Hello dear citizens of Promitor!

The election is almost over. It has been a grand affair, though a silent one. It seems many of the candidates either rely on their past contributions or their current affiliations to earn your vote. We deserve better!

And you know what else? Prdgi deserves a vacation! Our current Governor is a noble person but they are tired. Exhausted! Just look at their current policy. Elect Prdgi and he will succeed all the tax revenue to another? Isn’t that just way of circumventing your vote? Your desire?

A vote for Firu is a vacation for Prdgi. One of my policies will be to allow Prdgi’s Galactic Infrastructure Trust to keep the current balance of tax money. Prdgi has been a good citizen to Promitor, a good public servant! I feel we can trust him to use those funds for the good of the planet. But if he is running for only half the job, can we trust him with our vote?

Vote for Firu! It isn’t the planet’s money I’m after! No, I am fighting for the Promitor’s future!


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I’m half tempted to stick around for the campaigning :joy:

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A vote for Firu is a vote to give Prdgi 3million?