Possible 'bug' ship failed to stop in orbit

Ship = SHP AVI-0259F
so what i ‘think’ i observed is the following:

Type Destination Duration Distance Damage Consumption

    Hortus - Promitor     1 day 1h 16m (04:23 am +1d)

85,966,902 km50 parsecs
118 units STL fuel230 units FTL fuel
0 DEP Moria (orbit) – (03:07 am) 9,826,809 km 0.021%
43 units STL fuel29 units FTL fuel
1 JMP OT-442 (orbit) – (03:07 am) 6 parsecs 0.006%

on the previous ‘trip’ i cancelled it on take off so should have stopped at 0 DEP Moria (orbit) but it continued past that and went to 1 JMP OT-442 (orbit) … so a few min trip became 3.75h or so there and then back.

im ‘reasonably’ confident it was cancelled before orbit but not 100% sure.
how do i ask for that to be checked to see if its working as intended ?
[3:12 AM]
so the only way to ‘test’ is for devs to say take off … leave it for a few min and then cancel before orbit and see where the ship ends up … step 0 or step 1.
[3:13 AM]
it was observed leaving moria station for promitor. With a fully loaded 1/3tk ship if that has any baring on things.

There is no TO step for stations.

when leaving stations your DEP and JMP
You can only cancel while in TO to end up in orbit

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Yep spoke with Molp and was confirmed as such … so operating as per design.
Ty for the confirm as well.