Population dropped to 0 after population report - AJ-293a

After the last population report the PIO population went to 0 for AJ-293a. I had settled on the planet last week and had the initial 200 PIO but it looks like they all left. It looks like there is one other person on the planet but am not sure if they are active or not.

Thanks for the bug report, I fixed the population!

If someone leaves a planet, are 200 PIO taken away?

If someone demolishes a base their initial 200 PIOs are removed.

What if those initial PIOs have already migrated/got educated? Might adversely affect other players.

That is true, we don’t incorporate that yet. The rationale for removing the initial 200 pioneers was to prevent already crowded planets from a PIO flood when a lot of new players join, and then leave again.

Hi I have a similar issue on QJ-382c. Got my initial 200 pio, but during the next pop report they disappeared. Looks like I’m the only one active on that planet right now. Even put a safety station down, but didn’t get any new pop during the next report. Please help?

Fixed, sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem, thanks for the quick help