Players Edition - Development Log #300

Thanks to all the players that contributed to the devlog this week! We really appreciate all your hard work and commitment to both the game and the new ideas. Here are even more entries that you can read and enjoy:


Imagine a world where you don’t need to constantly check the clock to see if your weekly shipment of consumables is back from the CX. You don’t need to come back and be surprised that your workers have been on strike for hours because of consumables you forgot to snag yesterday (no I don’t hate consumables I’m just getting to my point). Imagine if all your notifications weren’t just in the top right corner of APEX, but they were also on your phone! Think of what a mobile app could do to fuel your spreadsheets-in-space addiction! Realistically though, the UI would be a big roadblock in making a mobile version. Screens, Tiles and Buffers almost certainly aren’t the way to go for a phone’s form factor. But as a far future vision for this game, it would be great to be able to check in on my company from places other than home.


I would really like to see an electrolysis building that can take h2o and turn it into h2 and O. another thing I’d like to see added is power and electricity. without power, your buildings won’t be able to run. you could add multiple different power sources (solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell, generators that turn fuel into electricity, etc.) to connect to your grid and power your buildings.


For commands that involve materials, for example viewing the price chart of or simply creating an order, there should be an ever present text entry box somewhere neatly at the top where you can enter the ticker for a material and the command will switch over to it without needing to click on the modify button, select only the material ticker of the entire command, then type the new ticker.
When ordering, for example, all the base resources for upkeep for pioneers, this is a huge timewaste from misclicks deleting the command line and having to re-navigate the cxl to a resource.


Idea: I would like to see a feature that allows the option of not using consumables like COF and KOM while they are present in your base’s inventory.
I use COF to regulate production at my base, as opposed to tearing down buildings or leaving buildings idle. An “on/off” switch would be nice, especially on planets where I can’t use a warehouse to get around auto-consumption.
It could have a UI similar to FIO’s burn sim toggle, where you click the consumable and it becomes grayed-out when disabled.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link


What will you do with all the devlogs/ideas ?
Are you considering to implement some or parts of them ?

'- Asking for a friend. -

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