Player-Created Stream for Steam Page!

Dear Licensees,

As we gear up for the Steam launch this Spring, we wanted to create a new trailer for the platform to showcase how the game is played for potential new players. We discussed having a new “fancy” trailer made, but since we already have a couple of those, it doesn’t really make sense. Therefore, we have come up with the idea of having some of our players stream the game and talk about their experiences and/or include a new company setup segment. Ideally, we would like to have 3 different players included in the new “trailer” that cover different aspects of the game. Please note that this will go on our Steam page, so your face and/or voice would be public for thousands of players to see and/or hear. Here are some details that we are looking for:

  • Stream of the game for a new player perspective i.e., setting up your company, first base, etc.
  • A more complex stream where a player has multiple bases and can show off the more advanced features of the game.
  • A stream that can showcase how working together with other players is beneficial and strategic.
  • Streamer should be comfortable speaking to an audience and extremely familiar with APEX.
  • Use your own creativity and personality to engage the audience.
  • Stream should be around 5 minutes in length.

If you would like to participate, please contact Nick ( or write him on Discord.

Is showing of Community tools “allowed” like FIO, google sheets, etc?

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Yes to Google sheets, no to FIO :slight_smile: and if you don’t want to do editing then send the footage to me and I will do the editing. Thanks!

Are there any more interested players out there? I have 2 so far that said they want to participate but I’m ideally looking for 3 different streams by 3 different players. Let me know if you want to do a stream! You don’t need to have any expert editing experience and I will also help in doing edits.