Planetary Projects and BASIC

BASIC accounts can not contribute to planetary projects. I understand that TRAIL accounts should not be able to contribute to avoid abuse of COLIQ. But why not let BASIC accounts contribute? Is that intended?

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I guess achieving major ingame projects or a massive empire is meant to be reserved for pro users.
AFAIK basic can’t have more than 5/6 planets either. It would make sense in this context to limit planetary projects to Pro accounts.

It should be easy enough to get around this by having a Pro user accept your contribution and add it on your behalf, although you won’t get the credit.

All the more reason to allow BASIC to do it on their own. It’s not subject to the same COLIQ and multi-account exploits of TRIAL users since you have to pay for PRO at least once.

That means that BASIC accounts can have 5/6 planets and make use of what other PRO bases on the planets contribute? Well, if that’s the point PROs have to build LM first, so that others can contribute with a plan B for more projects… but does not make sense at all… what’s about upkeep of CoGC? Do PROs then feed the planets?

It is intentional that only PRO accounts can contribute towards planetary projects. I understand the points you make, but with the upcoming changes to infrastructure (see Fabian’s latest devlogs) we won’t make changes right now because it is likely that we change the way the infrastructure works anyways in the near future.