Planetary Descriptions

One of the features I feel is missing from the game is planetary descriptions. It may not seem like much, but a description of a planet’s personality will help players in choosing a planet, and increase the sense of immersion.

A planetary description would also tell new players what to expect from the planet, and lead them away from potential pitfalls such as farming on Vallis

A total building count would also help break down what’s a good building to build on that planet. For instance Prom has 523 FRMs built 300 FPs etc.

A planetary description could be put forth by a governor or submitted to devs for inclusion.


Good idea! If I remember correctly we included such a feature for the politics update where the government can setup such an description.

That is also a nice idea! Some statistics about the production infrastructure could be really interesting. Will have to check how easy it is to get that information!

Speaking of politics Update. Last mention of that is like half a year ago.

Any timeline on that?

Just nagging on the [competition info screen](Players Edition - Development Log #300 | Prosperous Universe (second entry) again…
Would be a info to gain from there…