Planet Name Votes - a suggestion

Names bring flavour.

I find the named planets add quite a lot to the game not just in flavour but in understanding of the game. There’s a reason humans name things and its been something that last universe showed the development of the universe slowly

With this new universe with it’s many many new planets it seems pretty barren. Names will definitely come as there’s players with the perk, but I’m aware with subscription this won’t gradually expand necessarily like last universe (or not to same extent). It seems highly likely that there will be a name a planet perk purchasable seperately but who knows when this could be.

So I suggest some form of regular democratic naming of planets. Broadly a few planets and a potential name are shortlisted/created by the Devs, players then vote, winning planet gets named.

How regular could be debated, monthly would seem nice. Sounds a lot perhaps but is only 12 planets a year and would go a long way to fleshing out the galaxy. Could do seasonally, would be less planets but still a chance to expand the galaxy and each vote would be a big deal. Could do a vote with each update to the game.

As for what planets and names would be up for vote. Perhaps community suggested ones filtered by the devs, perhaps just dev suggestions. Perhaps their could be a theme: Fertile Planets, Neo-Charter Planets, Uninhabited planets each vote, or maybe along the theme of an update.

All in all i think this would be a nice simple fun way to add a bit more flavour into the game which I at least really enjoy and i know others do. I also think it would actually encourage people to get the name a planet perk as they’d see the importance and interest in names more clearly.


We just discussed this idea in our team meeting and agree, it would add to the flavor!

Nick and I need to discuss the details, but it could work like this: First we would accept proposals which planet to name, select the one with the most proposals (or vote on them). Then we would have a poll to actually name it.

I have yet to see how we actually name the planet, since that is bound to the supporter pack roles, but that sounds like a solvable problem :wink:


I would like to see, but don’t know how, to encourage planets in a system to have a theme to their names.

Regarding how to actually name the planet, surely that’s an easy thing to solve since you managed to name planets, and add their original naming players, to new planets this universe. Failing that, @molp gets a custom license with infinite naming rights :frowning: .