Outer Rim Development

I have been analyzing how to develop the corridor from Verdant to Huber - the area isn’t terrible, centered on ZK-602, and that analysis has opened my eyes a bit to how to develop areas. One thing I decided was that it should be possible to maintain workers with “internal” production - so you need to setup multiple bases, but once you get to that point the region can support itself. To support itself, you need to have Pioneers and Settlers (if no fertile, you need HYF - which needs CHP - so Settlers). To support them, you need a collection of materials (H2O, N, LST, H, MGS, FEO, ALO, O) - and you need a fertile planet (for HER for KOM) - or that needs to be shipped in - which violated my requirement for self-sufficiency (at least on consumables).

For reference, I was measuring a 24 hour time of travel around ZK-602 (using my Neosho, which is an RCT/FSE ship with LCB).

For future development I would try to make sure that there are Fertile planets scattered across the universe, because that is the only way to make HER and higher level consumables.

I did put a request in discord, and I will echo it here for a DEV intervention to “finger-of-god” a planet within 24 hours travel, preferably 1 or 2 jumps, from ZK-602 to support development of the outer rim, doesn’t have to be high like Verdant or Saladin in terms of fertility, maybe like Moria around 5% or less. But the point being to support development so we can send a few ships, setup a few bases, then the area can support itself.

ADDED: Note that for SEA you can do that with Pioneers and Settlers, but for INS you need multiple (PP3/LAB) Technician buildings - although you can run them at partial ability with only Settlers, but the problem is you need alot of INS to expand this stuff, so maybe there are too many planets needing INS versus SEA - this also limits people expanding out into the area of space I am looking at.

ADDED(2): For Settlers, the luxury consumable REP requires INS to manufacture - when populating to the outer rim, all other consumables can be made with a Pioneer/Settler workforce except for this one. Maybe allow a version of the REP to be made using SEA? SEA can be made using a Pioneer/Settler workforce - this would enable “new sectors” to be self-sufficient on consumables (not counting building/repairing them) - but at least on the “day-to-day” basis they can care for themselves.

While the “finger of god” thing is possible, I think the simpler (and more likely that the devs will do it) option would be to add a HER recipe to the HYFs.

I think 7-8 jumps to truck stuff in from Saladin/Hubur is certainly viable but you’re right, outer rim systems do need a reasonable way to feed workers if we want to see more development there.

After further search, there is another problem with developing the Huber area - FF - the closest source of TS to Huber is 0.81 on RS-323c at 21 (units from FIO) and the first useful source is 15.75 at VP-888c at 23 away. HE3 is okay, with a 10 per day source, but it is on the “other” side of Huber from the area I am trying to develop, and at the moment it has a population of less than 1k. Basically, there can be no FF refining between verdant and huber - which adds another issue to developing the area, all the FF has to be shipped in from outside until we can develop enough to get to WC-702f :: just another thing on the list of “what keeps people out of the outer rim”.

There is a fuel base set up on hp-454a but yes, HE3 is imported from yi-683h.
TS is a less efficient recipe anyway.

The idea of having zk-602b as a hub is so that people don’t have to fly the whole way though. Importer can fly HE3 from yi-683h to zk-602b (7 jumps) then the fuel refiner flies 3 jumps from hp-454a to pick it up while also dropping off the refined fuel.

Also, I don’t think I was clear in my initial post - I am not asking for changes to “this” universe (except the Fertile planet - but Devs did ask for that in their youtube developers discussion in August I think - hey I am a late adopter).

What this list is, are more things they should keep track of “things to make sure outer rim areas have in the next galaxy”, so like after that next one is generated they look for the resources listed above, fertile planets, etc and maybe do some manual modifications before they set it live so we don’t have unneccessarily hard areas to settle in the outer rims in the next life. (yes, I know there are no plans for that yet - but I like to be prepared - and by then my kids should all be in college (6 years) and I will REALLY be able to spend more time on this game - LOL!