Orbital Bodies

Hey everyone.

Some might not know it but the current universe already has a Space Station.

Hotei Station, located at XK-194c.

This makes me wonder @molp why was the picture you shared showing Moria Station in Orbit around the star?
I further wonder, why do we not have moons with any of the planets?

NEO Charter:

Planet Montem, orbited by Moon Vallis and Station Moria.

Vallis and Montem would both have to travel to station Moria to trade. Since is a orbital system by itself, travel times and cost are about equal.


Promitor has no Moons, just Station Hortus in Orbit.


Katoa, Gibson and Proxion are by lore 3 Planets (maybe with moons?) in 3 Systems.
For balance purpose, put the CX for them in a 4th System that is in the middle of those 3.

Long story short: I find it odd that we have no moons. They would just be rocky planets orbiting planets?


Habitable moons are a staple of Science Fiction, showing up in sources as diverse as Farmer in the Sky and Star Wars, I think the universe would be better with them. (And maybe large dwarf planets?)

Moons and Asteroids only make too much sense. The CX shouldn’t be a physical location, it should basically be a website like craigslist that connects people together, lets you setup drop points and shipping contracts to meet orders or quotas. There are too many good examples of how to do the system properly.

Stations have been added to the code base a looong while ago, but we never put them to use. Stations can be in orbit around a star or a planet. It would make sense for a CX in the Moria system to be in an orbit around the star so it is “half-way” between Montem and Vallis. There is no final decision yet if all CX will be on orbits around stars.

There are no moons (yet) because we decided against them in the early days to save some dev time. They wouldn’t be fundamentally different than planets. Maybe we add moons one day :slight_smile: