Open links in new tabs

This should be very easy to implement. Clicking on this button:

…should open the link in a new tab by default.

Yes, I know you can use the middle mouse button or right click it and select the option yourself. It even suggests a method below, I see it. It’s only a slight QoL improvement and as such not really worth mentioning, but at the same time implementation should be very, very simple and quick, therefore justifying this thread for me :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a reason as to why it exists as it does, I just can’t see one.

Edit: I would even extend this suggestion to all links inside Apex, such as the “manage” button inside LIC.


I am loathe to me-too a post without adding anything, but in this case there is nothing more to add other than my strong agreement that this would be a welcome QoL improvement, for (I believe) a very low dev burden - add a target="_blank" and rewrite the guidance text to “Link will open in a new browser tab.”


Heavily agreed. A nice QoL improvement so we don’t misclick each time we want to open the webpage.

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Completely agree. Not only does it take you away from the game, it also loses any open buffers you have, which is completely annoying.


Side note:

Ctrl + click opens a hyperlink (or a bookmark!) in a new tab, I find it’s way easier to pull off (especially a lot of them) than middle clicking.

I added it to the list for the next maintenance release!