[OOG] Corp FTL ship Large Cargo Bay auction (2 million or highest bid)

Hello, people of prosperous universe! We hope this message finds you in a time of good fortune. Ooga Booga Capital Management [OOG] is proud to announce our first public FTL ship auction. The auction expires in 10 days from the time of this posting, on Saturday, April 10 00:00 UTC. This means that final bids should be placed on or before the Friday, April 9, before midnight UTC.

Our member yaro111|Yorkshire Water holds the components to this ship blueprint on Antares I c, except for the 91 Lightweight Hull Plates (LHP). We will deliver these items (minus the LHP) to the highest bidder on this forum post.

Items and payments to be delivered via LM ZV-307c. all currencies accepted.

This ship comes equipped with a standard FTL reactor, medium FTL fuel tank (800 FF) and a Large Cargo Bay, which holds 2000t/2000m3. Thats the equivalent of 4 starter ships, with extended FF fuel tank!

The players who collaborated to produce this ship are:
[OOG] yaro111|Yorkshire Water
[AHI] kapusta|bigos
[OOG] Insensless|Deimos Prefab
[OOG] DLR|Antares Holdings Corp
[OOG] MarkymarkAurelius|Markyfacturing

and the multiple other shareholders of OOG who helped behind the scenes with material sourcing and crucial logistics.

Best of luck!

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proof of inventory on Antares 1 C:

The RCT is nearly finished in production on the same planet, but is not displayed in this inventory.

Put me down for 2.100.000 NCC

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RCT on Antares 1c

ENG on Antares 1 c

To a more prosperous universe! :partying_face:

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I bid for the price of 2.2m NCC

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Upping my bid to 2.300.000 NCC

3m AIC (20 char long)

I’ll bid for 3.1m NCC

I bid for the price of 3.3mm NCC

I bid 3 500 000 NCC (20 char long)

3.7m NCC if bidding hasn’t closed already

I bid 3 900 000 NCC (20 char long)

Hi everyone, I realize an error in my initial post concerning the date.

This was intended to say that the auction ends on 00:00 Saturday April 9, which is in about 90 minutes.

Thanks for all of your participation, and get those final bids in!

Okay, the auction has concluded at midnight UTC with @vebski as the highest bidder at 3,900,000.00 NCC

Congratulations vebski! We will reach out to you in game and on the UFO discord (if possible).

Thanks again, everyone, for participating! We plan on making more ships in the future, so stay tuned!

@DLR can you do another one of these?

DLR doesn’t play anymore.

The ship industry is now so evolved that you can buy all components on the CX or buy a full ship pack for 5mil with some waiting time.

What you say is somewhat true but in an optimistic sense

Parts are on the CX but inflated prices and not all available at the same time (still illiquid for some)

Waiting times are good if you can get in - most people I see involved in ship building are very busy and/or end up quitting because it becomes too much

Unless there are some suppliers I am missing?

Yes, it’s either instant on the CX for inflated price (looks like 5.7mil on Antares now) or for cheap ~3mil here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdElhrlhcEIuu49DgGxOEEx0THCOzRfcYf1S0n5OklUnnQgcg/viewform
OOG queue is 14d atm, but our price is 5mil.
So you can chose between time and money.