One tweak to make corporations/governors/taxes/upkeep better

I think there should be a way for a governor to set the dividend rate for each corporation member. For example, if there are four people in the corp instead of each person getting 25% the gov could adjust it so he gets 50%, maybe another two get 25% and the last gets 0%. This would fix two things - 1) it would eliminate the need for the “1-person corporation” workaround and ensure that the one or more people who handle upkeep are the only ones who get money from taxes. 2) it will eliminate the problem of inactive accounts that linger in your corporation but continue to take a portion of your revenue. This would probably also incentivize lower taxes since the governor would no longer have to set it high enough to ensure that his equal share covers all of the upkeep.


I feel like they should do multiple custom wallets/ able to take out money coronations/ORG between wallet They custom voting shares/dividend/non-stock options for corporation.

You could make shares a tradable commodity. Doesn’t need to have a market, contracts would work. It doesn’t solve the inactive problem though… maybe be able to list more corporate shares and dilute the inactives? And then have new inactives with millions of shares that need to be diluted. Rinse and repeat, exponential growth, step 3 profit.