On buildings consuming and degrading while not in use

I’ve decided to take a vacation this summer. I’ll be traveling to a small town north of me by about 7 hours drive to stay near one of the great lakes in North America (I’m lucky to live by such a phenomenon).

I love this game, but I can’t help but feel like I’m “losing” by going on vacation. My buildings will go inactive, but they’ll continue to degrade. My workforce will be idle, but they’ll continue to consume.

I can get around this by deconstructing everything I have and then rebuilding it when I get back, but that’s a lot of work. I can also sell off all of my consumables so that my workforce can’t consume anything, but that’s a lot of work too.

I was wondering if we’d be open to revisiting the idea that buildings degrade and workforces consume while a building is idle.

I like the game, but I don’t like how it makes me feel that everything goes bad when I go on vacation. I actually don’t like that it makes me feel like I have to produce something in my base just because I have the building.




A Vacation mode would be nice.

Actifvate it, everything is put on pause for you.
Can only activate it if no Contracts are active.

Can only be deactivated after X time passed.
Can only be activated again after Y time passed.
Can only be active for Z time.

Trial and Pro could have different treshholds for those x,y,z times

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Holiday pay for the workers / insurance for the buildings

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Why do you feel deconstructing/reconstructing is too much work?

It’s a lot of clicking if you got more than 5 bases at 100%

I’d support Gladi’s suggestion for some sort of vacation mode. :slight_smile:

What happens when someone with a lock up on high skilled workers that are in demand takes a vacation?

On one hand, I fully support the requirement for a vacation mode; however, in the other hand I recognize that Population is not an infinite resource. If someone was holding on to workers that I needed and I couldn’t get while they take a month long break, that would be frustrating.

If we can design a solution that account for this, I think we’ll have a winner.

Why would vacation mode lock the workers? Popi and consumables are separated. So a vacation mode would have no effect on popi mechanics

I like your idea. Holiday pay sounds like a good middleground.

Thank you. Initially was just a respectful joke. However, I noticed that it evolved in ideas or it made people to think about. In fact this game has resemblances to real life as well as many players take it seriously. It could be a feature for the players to avoid losses if they need to be absent for a certain amount of time for any reason.