Official Position with regards to community developed websites, applications, and data stores

I feel that the community guidelines do not adequately address this situation. Could you please clarify the official position with regards to the following scenarios:

  1. A spreadsheet, shared between corporation members. This spreadsheet contains planetary data, resource data, facility data, recipe data etc… Various forms are present within the spreadsheet to analyse an economic position and provide recipe and resource costings.

  2. A spreadsheet, provided to all members of the community. Details the same as (1).

  3. A website that allows members of the community to browse resource, planetary (etc…) data that has been manually inputted by members of the community.

  4. A community maintained website/application that provides the same as (3) with the addition of tools and analyzers such as represented in (1).

  5. A community maintained data repository containing (up to, and including) all data that may be manually retrieved from the Apex Interface, including data that is found viewing html source. All data being manually inputted, with each entry tied to a commit to provide author and timestamp data.

  6. (5) being used in any of (1), (2), (3), (4).


  1. Data collected by a player being shared with other players. Are there any limitations?


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Hey, Prdgi!

Thanks for your in-depth questions. We talked it over, and the points you brought up are all fine. :slightly_smiling_face: None of them violate the community guidelines as long as the retrieval of data from the game remains a manual process. I’ll see if I can make that clearer in the guidlines’ wording.

Thank you for the clarification.

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