New User Experience

  1. Your start guide is suggesting a planet that does not exist as a starting location.
  2. I want to be able to read and view all content on the company creation assistant page. But I can’t because there is no scrollbar. I have to adjust zoom level to view the entire content at the cost of having the text at a size I cant view well, or adjust browser zoom level so that I view it well, at the cost of cutting off nearly half of the content. This is very VERY odd. Why are you doing this? Why can’t there simply be a scroll bar?
  3. It would be nice if the planetary locations were numbered 1ofx, 2ofx, etc so I have a clue as to how many choices I have when deciding on a starting location.
  4. You should not be throwing premium in my face as a new user; it should NOT be the first thing I see upon logging in to pick a business and location, especially for the first time. The primary interest you should express should be in player enjoyment, not player wallets. When you try to force one above the other, then you’re disrupting the organic flow of freemium to premium. A freemium player will go premium because they enjoy the game, not because they saw a nag alert. Speaking of which, trials have an end date, freemium does not so it seems that your use of the word “trial” is a misnomer. This conflicting language regarding whether or not a user is a free player, or a premium player can easily fester into distrust wondering what conflicting language you will use in the future and how that will equate as a financial loss for myself. If, this is indeed a limited time trial as indicated by “License Trial”, then you should disclose the amount of time I have during the trial to decide whether or not to buy.
  5. When your external guide contains no additional information already visible within the game, then why link to it? It gave me the impression that I would be met with a deeper look when in fact the only additional information it contained was suggesting a planet that does not exist as a choice anyway. Take away the link and add the suggestion, and you no longer need to inundate a user with additional tabs.
  6. Soil fertility has a line centered with bars on both side. I assume to the right is positive and to the left is negative. But maybe this is not the case for every place in the world. Why not have a numerical indicator on mouse over? There must be a number anyway, which determines the size of the bar. So why not fix this bit of confusion with a hover effect numerical value? It’s also confusing because both the left and right bars (FactorBar) seem to be the same color. But a large portion of the world is partially color blind anyway and that brings us back to a number indicator. This is seriously confusing though, what is a left bar indicating? Non fertile? What is the measure of that and how much does it effect growing? Am I supposed to guess? What is the value that is significant enough to equate to a failed farm? THIS is what I need to know and that is not present in the bar. And why do some planets get no measurement at all and simply display – ? Does this mean no soil? You have plenty of screen real-estate to display more information here and even if you didn’t… hover tips.
  7. Your assistant is complaining about the number of jumps without explaining how significant that is in terms of cost? Time? Other? Why should I care and why is being closer “easier”? I need to understand how ‘easier’ translates in terms of mechanics. And why does the assistant complain with red text about one specific planet with soil at – and say nothing about another planet also with soil at – ? This is very odd and this lack of consistency has me wondering wtf “–” actually means since I get inconsistent warnings from the assistant.
  8. The assistant page seems to lock up as I scroll through business models and planets. This becomes apparent when a planet is no longer rotating and it has me wondering what else is locked up… the data on the screen?
  9. Why does your game spool up my RTX 3070 to 30% even with acceleration off in Chrome? What’s going on in the background that needs that much GPU… in a mostly text-based browser game?
  10. After deciding on a business and planet and proceeding, a tutorial pops up and then vanishes during the 2nd or 3rd task to click an option gear icon. When I do so, the only visible option there after is to minimize or close which I did. After that nothing I do seems to result in getting the tutorial back and I’m totally lost. There should be an obvious way to “resume tutorial” and/or get the default view back. One thing is certain, there is so much info on the screen that without being able to continue the tutorial, I’m out.
  11. You have a forum… that does not have a help category. This is very odd. You want a ‘feedback’ category to help you, how about a ‘help’ category to help users?
  12. Why is there a sound effect when I click something from HELP in-game that opens another tab? What does the sound indicate? That I just opened a new tab? Yes I know that by the existence of a new tab. Audio should alert me to something significant.

For all of the reasons above I found the game to be unplayable, in many cases really effing annoying, and a bit worrisome for item #9. I could have probably given it more of a chance but I’m using that as a gauge and the way I see it, if I had so much trouble just trying to get started, then I’d probably not have the patience to deal with the stuff I’m not yet aware of.

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