New Universe

I know that exact times are probably not possible or wanted since it would likely affect the player base but has there been any talk of a new universe? Or maybe a rough roadmap of “this is what we want to implement before a new universe”?

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For the larger features we have currently planned, namely Politics and Infrastructure, we won’t need to restart the universe, so it is unlikely that we will.

The exact order of features after these is not clear yet, so we can’t tell when the next reset will be.


NEXT RESET!! say it isn’t so. As a solo player the satisfaction I get from PrUn is in the building and micro management side of it, and a reset would mean going back and re-building all that pioneer stuff over again. And why should I put more real money into upgrading my ships and HQ if it’s all going to be wiped away to zero sometime in the future? I beg of you, I beseech you, don’t make me have to build everything from scratch again, don’t think I could…maybe I’ll just become a pirate.

They have to do a reset at some point, because some changes can’t be implemented without one.

Personally, the building-from-scratch part is my favourite aspect of the game. My progress feels stagnated now, so I’m looking forward to the next reset. A chance to start over in a new universe. Nice.

It will probably be at least a year though. So I figure I’ll mainly focus on writing haikus in the meantime.

It is clearly stated on the PrUn website that the universe will be reset at some point. Check the FAQ:

“What comes after Early Access?
The next big steps will be ultimately preparing the game for the full launch (TBA). The single game world will be reset multiple times during Early Access and finally become persistent upon full launch.”

However, I don’t expect any reset this year. During the last devstream, the devs told that right now they don’t work towards a reset. Imo, we are years away from the next reset.