New stuff added?

I quit playing back in late april/early may. Has anything of note been added since? I like games where the goal is to make a profit, but this was too barebones for me. Mostly waiting till more content is added.


It depends what you mean by “more content”. Various features have been added, such as the abiility to expand a base, the ability to demolish a base entirely to move it to a new planet, HQ permit based efficiency bonuses, higher tier MMs, and Local Markets on CXs. We’re also soon to get some additional CXs at various strategic points on the galaxy map.

However, in terms of the core gameplay, not much has changed, besides a couple of new recipes being added. The most significant upcoming change is a quest or faction mission system, but that is still in development, and not many details have been released about how it will look or when it will be added.