New Project - Development Log #393

This week we have some great news for you: we secured funding for the next Prosperous Universe project!

You can find the full issue of the development log here.

OK - me first.

The changes to ship weight (and thus speed I guess) will it also effect existing ships ? Or are those values only change with new blueprints.

Is it possible to elaborate that a bit ?

Would like to congratulate the Devs for securing funding to expand their project!

Once again, I’m glad ship parts are getting a once over as many of there are currently not worth utilizing. I’m a bit curious about how the 25% reduction to repair costs will be implemented. Would hull plates (and other ship consumables) repairing a greater % of damage or maybe damage accumulates 25% slower.

I know a couple players were interested in jumping into SSC once used for repair… but I don’t believe demand will increase by that much. From 80% condition, a “standard” WCB ship using 72 SSC would need 15 SSC (or ~12 with 25% reduction to repair materials). At least the SCC market is likely to have a more consistent supply (and maybe more competition).


The weight-related performance values are basically “set in stone” whenever the blueprint is updated, so they would only change when a new ship is built or a ship is upgraded. Other balancing changes, like the stronger shields, engines or high-g seats will take effect immediately though and apply to all future flights once the update goes live.

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