New Government Programs

Hello, the Government Programs in Atlas update looks great and should help with the better governance of planets.

The current Education program increases the education rate for all tiers, if there are large amount of unemployed pops in a tier it would make the unemployment worse in that tier while helping other tiers.
So i’d like to propose introduction of two new kinds of Programs

  1. Tier specific Education program for population
  2. Tier specific Emigration programs for population

Both of these programs are specifically aimed to control population in specific tier.

Tier specific Education program for population

The program aims to increase the education rate of certain tier population from the previous tier without impacting education rate of any other population tiers. The cost for the program can be higher with more/no benefits than current education programs.

Tier specific Emigration programs for population

The program aims to reduce the unwanted population in a specific tier by making them move out of planet. (Negative immigration rate)


Unemployed low tier populations are sometimes hindrance for growth of high tier pops. They consume POPI effects (while not generating any tax revenue) which could’ve been used for high tier pop need satisfaction. So increasing the education out rate of that specific tier or kicking them out of the planet should help with controlling the desired pops on planet.

Example: Promitor has 26% unemployed Settler population who are more useful by them not being on the planet or converting more of them into tecs. So either of the above Programs should help with controlling unemployment rate of pops in specific tiers without making them worse.