Nemesis starting packages

Alternate starting packages, as some ideal starts are not listed(i.e the resource extractor start).

They can also be viewed on our discord:

Resource extractor.

Stable starting packages and can be quite lucrative depending on where you settle. COL(Collectors) collect Atmospheric resources and EXT collect mineral resources depending on the concentration.

Gas Collector

Description: A start that collects gaseous elements from planets.
Materials needed: 8 BBH 4 BDE 52 BSE 2 BTA 360 MCG
Starting package: Metallurgist
Buildings: 2xHB1 3xCOL
Purchases: 26 BSE at 1550= 40,300 12 MGC at 36=462
Total cost: 40 762
Free cash recommendations: 15 RAT,15 DW, 5 OVE
Starting locations: OT-889 - Prism (OT-889a)(Helium)
Benten - Umbra (UV-351c)(Hydrogen)
BS-788 c (BS-788c)(Neon)


Description: A start that collects mineral elements from planets.
Materials needed: 8 BBH 4 BDE 52 BSE 2 BTA 480 MCG
Starting package: Metallurgist
Buildings: 2xHB1 3 EXT
Purchases: 26 BSE at 1550= 40,300 12 MGC at 120=4320
Total cost: 44 620
Free cash recommendations: whatever you can sell goes into RAT/DW/OVE
Starting locations: Antares II - Deimos (ZV-759c)
Ementior (AM-783c)(CIS-Kat start)
QJ-149c(Phobos-AIC start)
AU-605c(Promotor start(for cheap RAT/DW))(Recommended to ship to prom for cheap RAT/DW)SPICY!

Smelter Start

I don’t recommend going full smelter unless you are in a corp and can guarantee demand. Constructors will seek to vertically integrate, and eventually demand will lessen.

Full Smelter Press

Description: Going full smelter and buying your resources from the market. Leaves you vunderable to demand changes, but can be very profitable.

Buildings: 3x SME, 2 HB1
Starting package: Metallurgist
Prefab purchases: 8 BBH(19200), 8 BDE(18800), 136 MCG(4896).
Total Cost: 42,869
Consumable purchases: If going into FE(iron) or AL(aluminum), buy O, and C at equal amounts and enough iron or aluminum to smelt for 5 days.
Risky without demand or a corp.


Description: The farmer starting package isn’t the most efficient as 1 RIG really isn’t enough to support a colony. This one is a stable start that I relied on in the last test.
Package: Victualler
Buildings 2 RIG, 2 FRM, 1 FP, 2 HB1
Purchases: 4 BBH(9600), 16 BSE(24800), MCG 160(5750)
Total cost: 40000
Extra purchases: Purchase OVE to extend your time to you need to get to market.

Stable Carbon Farmer start.

Description: Most carbon farmers die when they run out of consumables and are forced to sell at a inferior price. This stable start gives the carbon farmer room to not only sell carbon at a lower price if the market crashes, but hold out for a higher price.
Package: Carbon Farmer
Purchases: 3 BBH(7200), 3 BDE(7050), 15 BSE(23250), 1 BTA(1600), MCG(3168)
Total cost: 42268(To afford sell 1000 SF at 6/unit from your ship’s tanks).
Buildings: 2 HB1, 1 RIG, 1 FP, 2 FRM, 1 INC.
Additional purchases: Purchase 5 OVE, DW.
Additional recommendations sell some STL fuel to get extra DW.
Expansion recommendations: Get a additional RIG to become more self-sufficient.

Universal BMP press.

Description: BMP’s are able to produce a wide variety of goods. And in the early stages can provide a lot of profit.
Package: Manufacturer
Buildings: 2 HB1, 2 BMP.
Cost: 1 BBH(2400).
Total Cost: 2400
Additional purchases: 50 DW(3750), 50 RAT(5100), 5 OVE(765)
Use rest of money to buy supplies to make products, i.e RCO, H, C, for PE.
Production recommendation: BMPs produce a lot of products, so choosing the one to make is hard, but a stand-by product to start with is OVE production.

Advanced starting packages

Nitrogen-Chemical producer.

Description: A specialized build for Berthier-you would start on Prom to head to the Hortus station and buy your TRU and the rest of the supplies to head to Berthier.

Buildings: 2 HB1, 1 HB2, 1 CHP, 2 COL
Starting package: Metallurgist
Purchases: 1 BBH(2400), 1 BDE(2350), 15 BSE(23250), 2 BTA(3200), 72 MCG(2592), 6 TRU(6000), 5 PT(3500), 5 EXO(3500), 20 LST(2800), 40 H2O(880).
Total cost: 47,000(sell starting FEO, C, and O)
Additional cost and selling: Sell starting fuel in one ship(1500 SF, and 300 FF-for 11,700, and buy (5 OVE, 50 RAT and 50 DW).

You’ll be producing Ns, selling price is between 300-350. Your cost to make is around 200/unit-it will go down as you get more experts and get cheaper LST.

You’ll also require a buyer for your Ns(Nutrient solution).
Note this package is experimental.

PP1 Constructor start.

Description: Optimal Constructor starting package-insulates you from market forces.
Starting package: Constructor.
Starting locations:
Gibson(start at Katona fly to Benten station, buy your stuff then fly to Gibson)
Phobos(fly to Antares station before starting base).
XH-594b(start at Montem fly to Moria station, buy your stuff then head there)

Buildings: 2 HB1, 1 EXT, 1 SME, PP1

Purchases: 2 BDE, 16 BSE, 120 MCG.
Costs: 2 BDE(4700), 16 BSE(24,800), 120 MCG(4320)
Total Costs: 33820

Additional purchases: 12 C at 300(3600), 5 OVE, 20 RAT, 20 DW(sell starting fuel from tanks if necessary(just one ship).

Double SME start

Description: single EXT, double SME start for XH-594b as that planet has a high concentration of FEO.
Starting package: Metallurgist

Instructions:1.) start at Montem, transfer resources over to one ship.
2.) Fly to Moria station with both ships.
3.) Pickup prefabs and supplies-sell fuel from one ship if needed.
4.) Fly to XH-594b

Buildings required: 2 HB1, 1 EXT, 2 SME
Purchases: 4 BBH, 4 BDE, 8 BSE, 68 MCG
Costs: 4 BBH(9600),4 BDE(9400), 8 BSE(12400), 68 MCG(2448)
Total Costs: 33888
Additional purchases: 10 C, 10 O, 10 FLX(optional but recommended), extra DW/OVE/RAT.
Tips: Sell HAL for fuel costs.

Double SME AL start

Description: Same start as above. AL is much lighter then FE, and therefore is more transportable. It’s used in basic prefab construction, second tier L-fab construction, and other things.

Starting locations:

Demios-has a high enough extraction rate to run two SMEs.
Elementior: The advantage of this planet is that even though it is far out, it has the VERY rare combination of LST/AL which makes it base and resource efficient-instead of needing two Extractors you only need one and you can skip right to Tier two prefab construction.
Start on Katona-fly to Benten station-make sure to take extra supplies Elementior is far out
Berthier: The two SME start doesn’t work unless you are buying more ALO from the market. But would work if you are-it’s a Hortus start. Even though the extraction rate is lower, you have access to the two biggest markets of Moria and Hortus.

POL start.

Description: Starting package for the very lucrative POL. Warning make sure that at least 8 LBH are on the market before starting. Also make Sure that H and C are available on your local exchange. Starting package. Instruction: You’ll need to head to your local station to go to the CX-put all fuel and cargo onto one ship, leave FEO behind(it’s really heavy)

Buildings required: 1 HB1, 1 HB2, 1 POL, 1 COL(if going to Umbra)
Starting package: Metallurgist
Purchases: 8 LBH(32000), 1 BTA(1600), 4 TRU(3200)
Total cost: 36,800
Additional purchases: 15 H(if not on Umbra)(4500), 15 C(6000), 5 PT(2500), 5 EXO(1050), 15 MG(1500) Cost:16,000
Total cost: 53000 Sell starting materials and 1000 fuel to get extra cash>
So you have three options-start on Montem or Vallis and head to Moria station, buy the materials and head back to Montem or Vallius to build your base
The second option is start on Promitor and head to Hortus station and buy your H-however H supply is less reliable.
The third option, which I consider the best, but it pretty complicated: Start on Montem, head to Moria station, buy your materials(except for H), head to Benten station, sell about 1000 worth of materials to get money to pay your taxes, and then head to Umbra. The advantage of Umbra is that it has(for now) the best source of H in the universe at tier one.


Saving the room for later as I will be adding more packages.

As a very new player that has jumped into the game wholeheartedly, I have to agree that the starting packages really do not help get people started. And as I found out more, my idea to start as a Constructor turned out to be a miserable choice. Luckily someone explained COLIQ to me and I happily became a farmer.

I would suggest a couple of changes to the starting packages similar to Frostwoods that might help new players stay engaged and make the current ones except Victualler for experienced players.

What they have in common is that they revolve around goods that can be sold to the market maker. Specifically the Farmer and the Collector packages. Stress in the packages what goods they should be trying to get to market as well. Experienced Players will need O and H, so it also helps the newer ones get into the grove and get used to the market. And everyone needs RAT and DW. Give the newer players a basic base that works and doesn’t rely on the existing market, but can help it. Not something that is going to run itself dry in 2 days and not be redeemable.


As the universe develops, packages like the constructor and manufacturer become more viable. When there’s a steady supply of T1 and T2 products and intermediate materials a solo constructor can do quite well. When there’s a limited supply of things like LST and FE, it’s much more difficult.

-Added experimental CHP start package.

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Fixed it, Discord invites expire :frowning:

You can change that in settings when creating an invite.

And how would a player pay his ICA tax with NCC money?
Montem is NCC while Berthier is ICA. This is destined to fail!

Oh noes! Thanks for pointing that out!. Fixed.

POL Start is missing its Starter Package.
And I am suprised there is no DW production starter for Etherwind on this list


@Frostwood. I feel like soon we will need a new post for starting packages with all the availabilities and price changes.

I’m not sure what price BSE and BBH will settle at, if we assume 900 and 1500 respectively a new player who sells their starting fuel for 24/16 can afford an enormous starting package. Packages are still worth 150-170k, but you can buy a lot more Bfabs with that.

For instance it would be possible to start on MOR with 4 BMP/HB1 (even 5 but theres not much spare for inputs), or on Umbra with 6 COL, 3HB1.

Right now if I restarted I would start on Montem with 5PP1 and 4HB1 with 40k spare funds to buy inputs.

bumped for visibility to new players.