NCC Inflation - Development Log #323

Learn why there’s an excess of NCC in the current universe, and ship modifications are coming soon!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

Money supply is greater in the Montem area due to there being a greater concentration of players, and it was the superior starting spot. It also has close concentration of the materials needed to build these advanced items.

Perhaps a bit of deflation in the Montem area only? Cut the MM’s a little bit in the Moria-UTS from 2500 to 2000 etc. Autodoc might need a bit of a cut 53k to 50k… Engineer+ MM’s can probably stay as they need advanced POPI to make populations stay.

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a) I like the idea of changing/upgrading ships. Time for an hull upgrade…

b) About money
I can not and wont tell you about how to set MM - its about you.
But the question about money, that need to be answered are:

  • Whats wrong with having a lot of cash ? is that not an (possible) intention of the game ?
  • What is this money doing ? What should it do ?
  • Where is the money exactly ? Equally distributed ? I know you have a statistic saying 300k per company but does that mean 2 companies with millions and 10 with 10k ? → let me just nag again on the competition info screen ?

The point that need an answer is:
What should the money do ? If that is clear you can deceide either to open more options to spend/decrease that money (depending on its distribution also) OR to change the way players can accumulate cash (MM changes, other ways of injection).
We (devs and in parts players) can see what the current system is doing. Do you (realy) like to change that ? And what could/should be the consequences.

So maybe reworking MMs is not the first step to do but to evaluate the (desired) game mechanic.
Asking about my oppinion: I am more against changing MMs without other changes- current MMs are a good motivation for higher tech products.