"Navigation Subsystem Not Ready", possible bug / unclear system?

Maybe this is a bug, or maybe I’m just not understanding a gameplay system, but I figured I’d make a post and ask.

I’ve frequently seen that stationary fueled-up ships are unable to start travel, because their status reads “Navigation Subsystem Not Ready”.

Is this a ship system or game mechanic I’m not understanding? Or is this a server system that isn’t ready to calculate travel? It happens frequently enough that it’s a bit disruptive, so I figured I’d ask.

Means there are server issues.

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This is a technical issue. It usually happens when the servers start (after an update for example) or if the server that has the navigation system restarts. Usually this fixes itself after a few minutes.

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Ah gotcha, thanks for clarifying! I really tried for ~5 min opening/closing the modal, half-expecting it to be like my ship not having it’s engine “turn over” lol.