Named regions

Let’s have Named regions. I will give you an example.

At the moment we have small sections of systems, normally denoted by the system prefix, such as KW-

How ever, with the new competition going on, I have started thinking of the large region beyond the System of Gateway as the ‘Arclight Frontier’, including Ementior, HM-049, OF-259 and maybe even including the Devoid region such as Manifold and Talosia.

Other Regions could be the Pygros Region. Containing all the system on that arm Pygros and beyond.

As some of you will notice, that contains quite a few sections of systems, but it allows for easier identification, and honestly, I think it is cool.

So yeah, that is my two cents.


Agreed, Outer Heaven and Aleutiania are also regions that ought to get a name