Name THAT Planet Round 8

Since QJ-650c is off the cards, my serious vote would be for KI-840c, although my lulz vote will also go to QQ-001c.

Thanks for all the new suggestions! Let’s move on to the actual voting. Please vote for which planet you want to receive a name. I will post the winner and then we will choose the actual name. Good luck!

  • KW-602c
  • CB-282d
  • KI-840c
  • XG-452f
  • ZV-759d
  • KI-439b
  • KI-401d
  • XG-751b
  • JS-753c
  • LG-093a
  • DW-419a
  • JS-601c
  • JS-570a
  • JS-952f
  • YI-705c
  • QQ-001c
  • OT-889b

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You had your chance(s) to name it something else. Enjoy!

Looks like we have a winner! OT-889b has taken the lead and will now be eligible to receive a name. Do we have any suggestions? Please comment below what name you would like for OT-889b (I checked the previous rounds and didn’t see any mention for this planet before, let me know if there was a name suggested and who suggested it).


It’s an Electronics planet, after all.


I can’t think of a finer name than ‘Jeetiyu’.



You all know why

Kevin … because I like cookies


Discworld, because it’s turtles all the way down.

Jeetiyu is my vote! What a nice name.

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Absolutely Jeetiyu! No better name!

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Not a fan of Jeetiyu as it is referring to the corporation GTU.

My vote as governor goes to Turing.

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Although I like Turing as name, I suggest Bardeen named after John Bardeen, who invented the transistor and is the only person who got the Nobel Price for physics twice.

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Ok great suggestions! Here is the final poll, be sure to vote for the name that you would like OT-889b to receive:

  • Turing
  • Jeetiyu
  • Mint
  • Kevin
  • Discworld
  • Bardeen

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Kevin Bob The Minion GIF - Kevin Bob The Minion Stuart The Minion GIFs


Jee Tiy ugh.

Shouldn’t only ppl on the planet vote? We have 2/3 of imposters voting Jeetiyu :D.

And so shall it be! Congrats to all those who voted for Jeetiyu, the new name for OT-889b. If your planet didn’t get chosen this time, don’t worry we will do this again in the future :slight_smile:


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, what a shock!