NAB fuel needs a nerf, and my suggestion

So I’m someone who’s been running the NAB recipe for most of the time it has existed. I extract BOR from DW-419a, then refine it on Montem into SF. Currently I use one extractor, two chem plants, and eight refineries for this chain. The rest of the inputs I buy.

At the current price of SF at ~8.5 NCC on the CX, I have a sub-ten day rate of return on my buildings. My daily profit from the extractor, chem plants, and refineries is 28k NCC.

Even if I set the price of SF to the mm floor of 6 NCC, I still get a 20 day ROI on my buildings. The daily profit is 16k NCC.

To make things worse, the main upside of the GAL recipe is that it produces SF much faster than the NAB recipe. Unfortunately, even at the price ceiling of 16, the NAB recipe still has better daily profit. This makes it outright a better recipe to run in almost all circumstances. The problem is that the NAB recipe is far too efficient. It costs about the same to run as the GAL recipe, but outputs twice as much product. The overall production difference is 75% the output of GAL, but with nearly half the expense per unit.

The recipe is way too good right now, and I’m the one who’s benefiting. I did a few experimental changes on my sheets to see what kinds of nerfs could be done, and I think the best one would be reducing the SF output from 200 to 150. I think the current inputs are good and I don’t want to mess with the chem plant to refinery ratio (~1 to 5), so the only real thing that can be changed then is the amount of fuel produced. This change would most importantly make selling SF to the mm not viable, and secondly would make the point where the GAL recipe becomes more efficient be below 16. They would become about equal at 12.5 NCC with my current prices.


I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but Molp already discussed the possibility of nerfing it to 150 in discord. You aren’t alone here, I’m extracting BOR in the ANT area and have chem plants churning out NAB. I’m currently running 4 CHP and 4 REF and selling the extra NAB on Katoa, and it has been quite profitable.

I haven’t seen that at all. Though it lends credence to the idea if we both came to the same conclusion independently.

That is true, we have been discussing it in the Discord and in the team. We will change the recipes next Tuesday. See here for details.