NA (sodium) MM needs to increase

CL is difficult and expensive to make. I have 10 CHPs on FO-705c full on pumping out CL. I can’t really bring the Promitor exchange price of CL much further below 1000 ICA. CL is

A big part of the expense of making/delivering CL is that a byproduct of making CL is NA. If you are on an exchange you can dump it to MM for 1 ICA/NCC/CIS. If you are producing CL off-exchange the production of NA is an expense not an asset.

There is really no market for NA, its only used in making BLE. I don’t expect the player-driven market to ever push the price of NA above 1 ICA.

The only way to get rid of this trash 1 ton weight of NA from eating up valuable storage space is to move it to an exchange planet and selling it for 1 ICA/NCC/CIS.

I really don’t like Market Makers but in this case I believe the price of the MM should increase to off-set the costs of transporting this trash NA out until more NA recipes become available or there is a way to delete trash products from your inventory.

Do you have a specific price in mind?

1500 maybe ??

Current fuel costs for a roundtrip for each ton between fo-705c - Promitor is 13.35 ICA. FO-705c is 2 systems away, 18 parsecs.

I would guess 35 ICA is a good minimum. Maybe up to 60 ICA if you want to encourage CL production even farther out than 2 systems away.

Maybe no the best way to replay to this thread, but for such Question i wouldnt be so wrong.
-what Kind of ships are i’am able to build?
because your earlier post in this thread. i havent such ships availbel acctualy for my Companie…/

-If so, do i also have to man them with personal?

ships don’t need personnel.
you can’t build ships yet

Only two ships i could use?, ….

…only to be sure, any idea, how long they’ll need to get these planed feautures done???

I don’t know. The game is in Alpha so most players don’t expect much.

I would’t push past 25. You can fit 400 in a cargo hold, so that is 10k of sales to the MM for clearance - more than enough to cover fuel.

Disposing of NA should be factored into the cost of CL. Its a cost of doing business.

Why should NA be a cost? Turning 3HAL+1H2O turns into 2 NA and 1 CL. the NA is a liability while the CL is an asset. No other item in the game behaves this way.

The only recipe that uses NA is BLE, NA+CL+O turns into 3BLE. NA will never be more valuable than the MM as it is limited by the supply of CL and there will always be 2 NA for every CL ever made.

Disposing of NA should be factored into the cost of CL. Its a cost of doing business.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Already see people trying to take advantage of a possible price increase :)))

I propose a price of 2.