Mostly +ve feedback after 6 days

6 days in, on my first company and haven’t needed to COLIQ, just.

I love it!
I didn’t mind the slow start, but I did not know this was how the game would be from the Steam store page - I think expectations need setting appropriately to help avoid -ve reviews. I’ve described this game as an idle game to friends (at least in the early game).

CORP features not good enough for co-op with friends
I took PRO to access QOL and LM features. I got a friend to play the game, but he won’t be buying PRO. We are in a CORP, but we can’t collaborate. This is a major pain point and very disappointing. We want to share transport space and barter/trade our respective consumables (not solely, but to help us each expand and work together).

TRIAL licence.
Should be renamed to BASIC IMO. I think it’s a legit way to play the game, not a trial. Free players contribute to a dynamic economy after all. More players are better for the economy and hopefully some will convert to PRO further along. And maybe they will be sticky if they get access to better co-op game play with PRO corp mates.

Recurring orders
I’d like each iteration to drop in the inventory, rather than the entire production dropping at the end of the recurring operation - because I need to drip feed my small company with consumables.

Great game. Looking forward to improvements.


I also thing there’s a lot of cool things that could happen with CORPS. The good thing about being in this game is providing a plethora of ideas relatively early in product development.

I think CORPS should be able to buy their own mini LMs and create corporate stockpiles on planets from which players can pull from with a log of withdrawals like we have with planet infrastructure upkeep.