More Map Filters

Hey @molp can we get more map filters for the ingame map?

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What kind of filters do you have in mind?

Planet enviorment would be nice.

It would allow to filter out planets that require a certain extra material for buildings.
Right now, if I want to look for a MCG only planet, i have to either use a 3rd party tool or click a lot of planets.
If the map would have such a filter build in, it be a really nice.

Further, filters for planetary projects would be interesting to only display planets that already have a certain infrastructure build.

I would also love if filters were working additive instead of exclusive.

Simple example: I want to look for planets with LIO deposits and a population.
I type LIO and click on PIO.

I get a handful of results. one of them being YI-715 because verdant has lots of pioneers and the neigbouring system which actually has a populated LIO planet, does not show up at all.

I feel the biggest feature missing from the map is a search field that lets me find a specific system or planet and routes between them. It’s a bit awkward that you have to use external tools for this.

I think an option to hide planets without a COGC would be good.

It would be nice in the overview list for a system - it shows all the resources - but I do not see a “fertile” note anywhere. When looking for a new planet to grow my McFood empire soil fertility is as important as what minerals exist there :slight_smile: