Monthly 7 EUR is $AUS10.87 for a spreadsheet game

I know these sorts of concerns about cost always get a “are you kidding, its well worth it” sort of response because by definition the official forum is made up of a community of players that love the game, but I thought I’d just say it so it’s known and doesn’t go unnoticed.

For me in Australia a month subscription of 7 EUR is $AUS10.87, which for a spreadsheet game is way way to higher price.

If it was, say, a couple of bucks a month, that would make a lot more sense.

To be fair I’ve never run a game before and I’m sure a lot of thought has gone into the monthly sub figure to balance expensives. But at $AUS10.87 it’s just too expensive.

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Monthly isn’t 7, its going to be more than that. It’s only 7 if you buy a 3 month package. If you intend to do month to month like most subscription players do it will be higher.

And you’re correct the price point is way too high for this type of game, 5 USD is arguably too high.

You can just buy one month then default on the Basic license. Some benefits of being subscriber aren’t even usable from begining ( no LM’s exist, number of ships limited and so on )

You will be able to play the game without paying. Most of the “pro” features are not of severe importance until later. We won’t even have Local Markets from start and if you can adapt to that then Pro would be a major quality of life improvement anyway.

Edit : I don’t understand why people complain about pricing, it’s a FREE to play game with some mechanics behind a subscription price.