Mobile Browsing?

Hey there, I came across this game on a voting site. - Thought it may have been a dope mobile browser game…guess not. Maybe make the game mobile browser friendly? And real soon? (if it’s easy) (Would be nice for you guys to have players on from different devices. :slight_smile: And it may be a nice add to first access?

EDIT: Just read on Jumper’s forum that you can play on mobile, but I wasn’t able to see that b/c I can’t play. Upon opening APEX, screen opens up a blank page.


So you are probably on an iPhone? I’m aware of that issue and want to look into it as soon as I get around to it. Besides that, the biggest issue to mobile use of the game atm seems to be lacking drag&drop support. But that’s also something on our immediate to-do list.

Concerning a mobile UI in general: It’s on our long-term roadmap and might (depending on external factors) go into development next year.


Just FYI still get a blank white screen on iOS using Chrome using latest version, 83.0.4103.88. Assuming this just never got any dev time. Too bad.

I always use my wife’s android for mobile apex. The iOS issue with a blank page is well known.

Maybe those chrome tablets have a niche market right now :smiley: