Memory Monopoly - Development Log #349

Michi talks memory consumption and faction contracts while Nick works on the PRO license comparision table and website changes.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

I have a couple points:

  1. Please provide a link in the devlog to a forum thread instead of the forum landing page.

  2. Why not to list features to all account types instead of having a foot note for BASIC? I would make everything so much clearer if the table had FREE/TRIAL, BASIC and PRO accounts.

  3. I would be interested about numeric values in Prosperous Universe, especially “APEX PRO License” and how many months of PRO time each tier includes. So far, I only bought only PRO time because I knew what I was buying.

  4. “there are players who never mark the notifications as seen” … maybe those are there because the user has disabled them in the notification settings? Sametimes there’s so much options that nobody can remember them all while making changes somewhere else in the code. :nerd_face:

Could we have, please, more details on the faction contracts? Are these going to be shipping contracts exclusively, or are there going to be other types of contracts?

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