Map Search Feature

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Lately I was already considering setting up a new colony. At this point I came to the requirements -> ‘What do I want to do on a new colony’. After thinking about that, I found out that what I need right now is planet with Aluminium Ore, Water and Fertile soil.

Therefore, I tried manually search for such a planet, but the problem is there there are already a lot of planets. My suggestion for this problem is to develop some ‘Map Search’ :earth_africa: engine, where you can specify what resources you seek and you will get a result with the list of planets which fulfill specified requirements.

Maybe such a feature already exists :man_shrugging:, but I was not successful in finding it. :hugs:

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Good day to you, sir! :wave:

I feel you. Filtering, sorting and searching are generally functions we’ve been thinking about implementing in various contexts, including the universe map. However, we’re not 100% sure how exploration will work and if scanning planets for resources should remain an active effort players or groups of players have to undertake. But even if it does remain that way, it doesn’t need to stay a manual process; it could be done by special buildings or ships in the future.

In short: Before we know how exploration works, we’re going to be careful about implementing systems that potentially make exploration pointless. :slightly_smiling_face:

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