Many questions and also some feedback

Not a fan of the building condition that it slowly goes down. I’d much rather have another item it consumes every day that isn’t essential and if you don’t supply it your efficiency goes down by x%.
Create a SSO for your games. Your subscription tier offers unlimited access for all your current and future games but you don’t offer SSO between your games it looks like.

Many Questions:
Are market makers going to be a think in the released game?
I’d like to trying make a planet mine but with the exploration changes I don’t want to setup on Planet X only to find out when a reset happens later Planet X is no longer the same planet as far as minerals and atmosphere is concerned.
If I buy the support tier that allows me to name a system, after the reset will that system already be named what I named it or will I be able to rename a system again?
I would LOVE to create some websites with the game data for people to use but it seems against the ToS since there is no official API, any way we can talk (to the devs)? :slight_smile:

It’s quite likely that a maintenance feature will be added at some point in the future.

If by SSO you mean you are immediately logged in for PrUn when you’ve signed in with AirlineSim, then you are right, we don’t have that (yet). But both still share the same account/credentials, so you can (and should) log into PrUn with your AirlineSim account and vice versa.

The ultimate goal is to not have market makers in the final game. But it’s yet to be seen whether we can do completely without them.

That’s almost guaranteed to be the case. After a reset, the universe will be completely different.

Since the universe will be different one, names of systems/planets are not carried from one instance to the next. But you keep your naming rights of course, so you can once again name another system/planet in the new universe.

You’re not the first to offer something like this. The rule of thumb is that as long as you don’t automatically generate requests to the server to gather data, extracting data from the client for use in other apps/websites/spreadsheets is ok. But I suggest you join the Discord server to discuss this.

Thanks for the responses!