Make the APEX Representation Center actually have an effect on new CEO starting capital

from Lucrative Leaders - Development Log #379 | Prosperous Universe

The APEX Representation Center allows companies and corporations to donate some of their profits to the APEX foundation. The foundation uses the money to supply new and upcoming CEOs with the necessary capital and ships to start their entrepreneurial journey. Having a high representation level is widely recognized as a testimony of wealth and success.

After some discussion, I realized that I initially misinterpreted the devlog as “Vet players can sink money here to show up on a leaderboard whilst providing finances to new players”. Until realizing that was probably just a fluff text.

Which then made me think ‘why leave it as a fluff text’?

The idea of raising new players starting capital, possibly in some relation to the economic development level of the given universe, isn’t exactly new. So why not couple it to this feature?

I suggest adding a mechanism to the APEX Representation Center, so that beyond being a prestige/leaderboard money sink, every X currency invested also permanently increase new player starting capital by +1. This way, it would be more than just a prestige money sink, but also carry a low-impact ‘help new players get started’ vibe.

The precise conversion ratio is obviously open to debate. Going by the report released yesterday, we got about 5 billion in liquidity floating about. So i we were to roughball that, after adding the APEX Representation center, rich players just burn 25% of the universally available liquidity on that, a 100.000:1 ratio would mean that the 1.250 million burnt would increase the starting capital of all future players by 25k (to 75k, also still being a deflationary mechanism until 100.000 new players were to join… which, safe to say, is far off from any contemporary considerations).

Depending on how strongly scaling we would want the starting capital to be, we could also use any different conversion ratio.

Essentially, this suggestion is coming from a person that wouldn’t ever consider throwing money into a bonfire in order to show up on leader board, but would possibly do that knowing it will contribute to some universal ‘development score’ that directly improves the experience of new players.

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I think new players currently get too much. So I’d like this implemented in reverse - if I donate 1 million ICA to a bonfire, I’d like a matching 1 million from new player funds to also be thrown into that bonfire.

That way I can really feel like I’m making a difference.