Major win for democracy after Bobemor concedes Apothecary Election

Today is being called a major win for galactic democracy after the closely fought, and at times intense, inaugural election that last several weeks was narrowly won by Madnewmy. Bobemor publicly conceded on the steps of his first company’s first factory on the planet to a small crowd of reporters and workers.

The final vote count with 100% of votes being reportedly counted showed just a 7% difference between the two candidates with Mad seizing 53.6% of the vote to Bob’s 46.4%. This was somewhat unexpected by early political pundits with Mad polling exceptionally well early in the campaign being so much as 90% ahead the Apothecary Independent League (AIL) when they entered the race. But a sustained bout of intense campaigning, in which Bobemor sought to dictate the campaign policies of both parties, saw AIL soar up the polls to at one point be level with IL Tax Evasion (ILT). With pollsters calling the election “too close to call” and “within the margin of error”. ILT managed to galvanise their base with a ‘last minute’ voter defection being considered by AIL insiders to have been the political nail in the coffin for their otherwise fruitful campaign.

We should also remember Esabab who ran despite never having visited the planet causing much anguish amongst born and bred Apothecai’s and being largely seen as a protest vote but drawing some sympathy especially from Promitorian expats who felt that the election represented a considerable break from close alignment with Insitor Corporation with both ILT and AIL standing on largely similar unalignment from Promitor. It also should be noted that AIL started as political minnows even polling lower than Esabab for the opening days of the election.

Many political experts had feared that as the election got closer that it could lead to violence if the election result was not unanimously accepted. With these experts pointing to the weakness of new democracries of humanity’s past and calling for the population to rally more around one candidate and provide a decisive mandate. These fears grew from arguably nothing to being on the forefront of many intergalactic observers minds as well as many Apothecary citizens as the indepdence movement that many felt AIL represented picked up particular steam. Many of AIL’s political supports felt ILT represented a corporate backed takeover of their beloved planet and did not wish for their planet to be akin to some of the other Corporation run planets they saw as being sucked dry to the planet and its citizens detriment. Some pundits have suggested this lack of political violence can be attributed to three factors: the complete lack of such mechanics in game, Bob’s apt handling of a potentially volatie situation, as well Mad’s distancing from his corporation roots.

Many experts debate the weighting of each of these issues but many recognise the importance in Bob for both actively supporting Apothecary’s break with Insitor whilst also backing the Promitorian Consensus championed most notably by Prdgi and GIFT. Which is seen as a economical movement encouraging governors to raise taxes and invest. With many likening this to the economic writings of the Earthean John Keynes. Despite backroom musing from some GIFT associates that they would feel obliged to interfere if there was any violence and threat to Promitor’s interest on Apothecary (a planet that some see as clearly in Promitor’s sphere of influence) Prdgi never felt the need to make a public comment which some have attributed to Bob’s apt handling of the issues leading to a lack of fire fanning. Any outside governor commenting would no doubt have flared political unrest. Bobemor’s receptivity to the election result has no doubt helped ease tensions drastically as he very soon after the election organised the press briefing to publicly concede. Leading to one reported to call Bob “the true father of Apothecary democracy”. With his words being seen across the galaxy as a call for the many private peace corps to no longer be on standby as well as one for his supporters to get on board with the election process.

At this stage Bobemor and AIL have not confirmed if they will run in the next election and he simply said now is not the time to ask such question. He will instead be focusing on holding the new government to account whilst also expanding his KOM business which is well known for providing both affordable and high quality KOM to the galaxy.

-Article by Robert E. Moore

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