Lucrative Leaders - Development Log #379

Learn how leaderboards are being introduced into Prosperous Universe!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

The ARC description reads that only corporations can donate, while the screen is clearly a view from a company level.

I guess this is a writing error on the description or will onky corporations be able to donate, and if so from what cash balance, since they dont have any?


Can we get nick to read economic reports on a recurring show? At the end he can draw the lottery numbers…
Eventually we will get him to dress up as a faction representative in a overall with faction patches sew on…
(did I write this out loud?)

The community has built leader boards of sorts, yes, but currently it’s broken with a fix not easy or feasible. It stopped updating data a few months ago, so it’s not really up to date at all.

So as of now, there is nothing.