Lower level subscription tier?

I’m about 4 weeks in now. Took a PRO license from the beginning to experience the game and associated PRO perks.

My engagement is dropping now that the initial learning curve is flattening out. Now I’m mostly just logging for production queue and consumables management.

Probably I will let PRO lapse at this point as €8 is a bit much (to me) for my current level of engagement. I would however, be happy to pay half that, for a lower level of perks (and account maintenance) going forward; I realise I can pay more to obtain a discount, but do not wish to commit funds upfront.

I assume this has already been discussed, or at least considered, at length, but thought I’d ask if it was on the cards.

For ref, I’ve 2xFRM, 2xFP and 3xRIG and slowly building up.